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macscreenshots's Journal

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Shift + Command + 3 Me, Baby
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gwennie says:
I never thought I'd have to make a "rules" page for this community. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

1. This community is for Macintosh screenshots. Be creative, don't just post your desktop wallpaper. I love seeing interesting wallpapers, don't get me wrong, but I'm also very interested in what you're doing with your wundermachine.
2. Please use an lj cut. This is done by typing < lj-cut > without the spaces. Anything you post, like your photo, after that tag, will be hidden on one's friend's page under the lj-cut link. If your photo is hugely annoying to me, and it's not behind a cut, I will simply delete it. You may certainly repost it appropriately cut or resized.
3. No text-only posts. You must post a screenshot, even if you're just asking a question. Heck, sometimes it even gives us a reference point from which to answer your query. Text only posts will be deleted without warning. If you abuse this rule, I will kick you. If you get a clue, you are welcome to rejoin.
4. If I find you particularly annoying, or you argue with me, I will use my amazing powers as mod to smite you. If that sounds bitchy to you, so be it. Most of you know me pretty well and know I am a reasonably fair woman but I have my limits.
5. If your name on the member's list becomes afflicted with this terrible disease, I will delete you as you are no longer, at that time, a viable member of the community. If you deleted your journal just to psych your friends, you are welcome to rejoin.
6. I have a very low threshold for stupidity.
7. Be nice to one another.

davy says:

Rule #1: davy is the bad guy, he does all the dirty work. He deletes all of your posts that do not include screenshots. Sorry, but why not just give us a screenshot of whatever you're talking about and some text to go along with? I <3 you, I promise that I do but I gotta keep it clean.
Rule #2: davy likes reuben sandwiches.
Rule #3: Please remember that this community is for Macintosh screenshots only. I love BSD and I manage to tolerate Linux and Windows, but none of these are candidates for screenshots here, I am sorry.
Rule #4: If at all possible you should try your best to contribute information about who the artists are that are displayed in your screenshot. You owe them for the pretty, the least that you can do is give back!

gwennierocks, daevyd & jordoofus (Formerly papuru_broccoli.)

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